From Chimbote to Lima: Team Peru Returns to the Capital City

By Rithika Shenoy

We’re more than halfway through our reporting trip. We just arrived at our final destination – Lima.

Our first stop was Piura. A small bustling city in the northern Peru. About an hour and a half away is the port city of Paita. That’s where we spoke to Renato who works for an NGO trying to promote the well-being of fishermen, fisheries and the ocean. We visited the pier where boats are stocked with supplies. 

Then it was on to La Tortuga, a small fishing village up the coast. There is no running water in La Tortuga. Water is delivered every few days. We spoke to locals about their food habits – including a few who said they eat anchoveta!

We visited a fish farm where local fish is ground up with rice flour, fishmeal, fish oil, wheat flour and soy flour. We got a tour of the factory and fish plant.

Members of the community rush to help an incoming boat at La Tortuga