The Pain Project

Morphine is considered the gold standard for medical pain treatment, as it is simple and cheap to make and distribute. But around the world, many can’t access any, and are left to suffer. We investigated why this is, and discovered that bureaucratic hurdles and the global war on drugs are largely to blame.

Cheap Shrimp, Hidden Costs

Although once considered a delicacy, today shrimp is one of North America’s favourite cheap seafoods. But plunging shrimps prices come with hidden costs. We investigated the consequences to Thailand’s labourers, forests, and marine ecosystems.

Ghana: Digital Dumping Ground

The world is trashing old computers and phones at alarming rates, sending hundreds of millions of pounds of dangerous electronic waste to lower-income countries. We travelled to Ghana to learn about the consequences of our disposable culture, breaking a major story about data fraud in the process.