The fish you don’t know you eat

Twenty-five percent of fish caught in the ocean don’t land on our plates. They’re churned into fishmeal, which is used to feed farmed fish. But what are the true costs of this process? This project is a partnership between NBC News.


Stuck follows the journeys of migrants throughout Turkey’s two-tiered immigration process. This project was published in partnership with HuffPost Canada.

Surviving the City

By 2050, two thirds of the people in the world will be living in cities. This dramatic influx is putting pressure on urban life, and raising critical questions for the people living through these challenges.

Hidden in Plain Sight

In the past two decades, Chile has emerged as one of Latin America’s most prosperous nations. But beneath the surface of this success story, people are struggling to have their voices heard amid growing social tensions.

Out of the Shadows

Mental illness remains one of the world’s most neglected diseases. We looked at how some countries are addressing this major health challenge and coming up with creative solutions to bring mental illness out of the shadows.

China’s Generation Green

Young Chinese adults have inherited an unprecedented rise in prosperity, but the booming economy also brought life threatening environmental degradation.

Cut: Investigating Global Logging

Where do the wood and paper products in our home come from? Interpol estimates that up to 30% of our wood is illegally cut – by poachers, organized criminals, and corrupt governments and businesses.

Beneath the Boom: The Price of Progress in Brazil

Exploring how Brazil’s economic and energy interests clash with efforts to protect the environment and preserve ancestral aboriginal land.

The Pain Project

Patients in half the countries in the world do without painkillers. But morphine, the standard for medical pain treatment, is simple and cheap to make and distribute. So why are so many people left in pain?

Cheap Shrimp: Hidden Costs

This special feature to the Globe & Mail examined the hidden costs of Thailand’s shrimp aquaculture industry.

Ghana: Digital Dumping Ground

This project, published in partnership with FRONTLINE/World, presents an investigation into the dirty secret of the digital age.

Ordinary Canadians, Extraordinary Impact

This CBC-commissioned documentary looked at the journey of doctors-in-training who in their Canadian classrooms were rarely exposed to the reality of medicine in the vast majority of the world.