Beyond School is a project by the Global Reporting Program. The GRP is based at the University of British Columbia's Graduate School of Journalism, Writing, and Media. This project was produced in partnership with the University of British Columbia, Centre for Excellence in Journalism in Karachi and Daystar University in Nairobi.

This project was made possible with generous funding from the Jonathan Logan Family Foundation. Additional funding and support provided by the University of British Columbia.

Culture - Norway

Written and Co-Produced byLogan Turner

Produced byBritney Dennison and Kathryn Gretsinger

Reporting byLogan Turner, Fabian Fröhlich and Maria Jose Athie Martinez

Script Editing byKathryn Gretsinger and Britney Dennison

Language - Nepal

Written byBen Mussett, Hina Imam, Braela Kwan and Alison St. Pierre

Co-Produced byBen Mussett

Produced byKathryn Gretsinger and Farah Nosh

Reporting byBen Mussett, Hina Imam, Braela Kwan and Alison St. Pierre

Journalism Partners in the FieldNiranjan Kunwar

Script Editing byKathryn Gretsinger

TranslatorsSushma Srestha and Swasti Uprety

Inclusion - Kenya

Written and Co-Produced byKassidie Cornell and Candice Lipski

Produced byKathryn Gretsinger, Mike Lakusiak and Bathseba Opini

Reporting byKassidie Cornell, Candice Lipski, Lydia Mukari Okang’a, Drusilla Anyango and Nkurikiyinka Julien Astrida

Script Editing byKathryn Gretsinger

With Support fromAgnes Lucy Lando

Religion - Pakistan

Written byAsim Muhammad Ameen

Produced byKathryn Gretsinger, Muna Khan and Peter Klein

Reporting byAsim Muhammad Ameen, Rabia Bugti, Aria Nasimi and Rida E Zehra Zaidi


DesignBritney Dennison and Andrew Munroe

DevelopmentAndrew Munroe

Story Editing byBritney Dennison and Kathryn Gretsinger

Additional Editing byAndie Crossan

Fact CheckingAmelia Williams and Sharon Nadeem

Podcast ArtworkEsther Cheung