The Global Reporting Program brings graduate students around the world together to produce ambitious, in-depth reporting projects with impact.


Natasha Caton

Natasha Caton (University of British Columbia) is a medical student at the UBC Vancouver campus. Previously, she completed a Master of Public Health degree with a concentration in Population Health at Simon Fraser University, and a Bachelor of Science at the University of Victoria. The connection between advocacy and medicine is largely what draws Natasha to the practice, and she envisions a future career serving both the one and the many.

Gardy Chacha

Gardy Chacha (Aga Khan University) is a senior Health and Science Reporter at Standard Group Plc in Kenya. He joined the company in 2012: first as an intern then as a reporter. He became a journalist out of choice, having graduated with a bachelor of science degree in Microbiology from Kenyatta University. At Standard, Chacha’s main roles include reporting and editing health and science stories. He is however best known for executing analytical human interest features. He is currently pursuing a master’s degree in digital journalism at Aga Khan University’s Graduate School of Media and Communications.

Ashishvangh Contractor

Ashishvangh Contractor (University of British Columbia) is a multimedia journalist with a passion for fast-paced radio and television news broadcasting. She is interested in reporting on health, social issues, arts and culture and global affairs. As a graduate student of Journalism at UBC, she has interned at the local level with CBC Sudbury as well as at an international level, with CBC Toronto. Currently Ashishvangh is an associate producer for the CBC News Network. She enjoys exploring the outdoors, videography, watching live theatre and trying new foods.

Yejin Jo

Yejin Jo (Kyung Hee University) is an aspiring journalist from South Korea. She has a huge passion for storytelling and believes in the importance of real-life people’s stories. Her enthusiasm for sharing impactful stories has led her to take on multiple personal video projects. She is a senior studying international studies and she hopes to create documentaries that bring people together. She is especially interested in environmentalism, global affairs, women’s rights, Korean reunification issues, and mental health.

Susan Kendi

Susan Kendi (Aga Khan University) is a Multimedia Journalist based in Nairobi, Kenya and is passionate about human rights and justice. Her work has been published in the Daily Nation, Standard, Star and Journalists for Justice. Susan holds a Bachelor of Journalism with a specialisation in Broadcast from the Multimedia University of Kenya. She is currently pursuing Masters in Digital Journalism at the Aga Khan University Graduate School of Media and Communication.

Heung-su Kim

Heung-su Kim (Kyung Hee University) is a sophomore at Kyung Hee University in Korea, majoring in Media. Among the media studies, Heung-su is most interested in Journalism and has been taking part in the school’s English newspaper since the first year. Heung-su has focused on issues related to Korean society, and is interested in covering global issues such as aging, climate change, technological development, and politics.

Sandra Korhonen

Sandra Korhonen (University of Jyväskylä) is a Finnish master’s student in journalism. Sandra has recently completed an exchange at the University of Malta in communication and media. She is interested in documentaries and pursues to tell important or even complicated stories in an entertaining way. She has studied Social Sciences as her minor and especially global issues are close to her heart. By now she has worked in local newspapers, but she would like to extend her journalistic experience to a wider range.

Michelle Meiklejohn

Michelle Meiklejohn (University of British Columbia) completed her bachelor’s degree in communication studies at Concordia University, graduating with honours in 2016. After graduating, she worked as a copywriter in the digital marketing sector. Michelle then completed a six-month public information consultancy for the UN Migration Agency (IOM) in Accra, Ghana, before starting her master’s in journalism at UBC. Michelle recently wrapped an internship with the CBC multiplatform health unit, where she wrote about social determinants of health and vulnerable communities.

Chiara Milford

Chiara Milford (University of British Columbia) worked at Greenpeace International for six years and lived in five different countries before moving to Vancouver. She cares deeply about the climate crisis and the intersection of human and environmental rights. Since starting the Master’s of Journalism programme, she has freelanced for Sweden’s only online English-language news source and been published in The Narwhal. Her name is pronounced “Kya-rah.” It’s Italian, although she is not.

Rowan Smart

Rowan Smart (University of British Columbia) is a PhD student in Kinesiology. His research focuses on age-related changes in muscle and tendon, and how this contributes to older adults’ ability to accomplish activities of daily life. He is also passionate about making research more accessible and engaging for the public. Outside of his research, he is an avid photographer and enjoys combining writing with photography to tell a more compelling and visually appealing story.

Sabina Staempfli

Sabina Staempfli (University of British Columbia) is a practicing emergency Registered Nurse and PhD student in Canada. Sabina is passionate about researching healthy work environments and improving the quality of life for patients and residents through good quality care. She hopes to expand the scope of knowledge translation practices in traditional academia by integrating lessons from global journalism. She loves to write, explore the outdoors, and eat chocolate.

Arrthy Thayaparan

Arrthy Thayaparan (University of British Columbia) is a multimedia journalist from Vancouver, BC. As a former pre-med student, Arrthy switched into journalism after realizing her love of science reporting and sharing stories of marginalized communities. This year she completed internships at News 1130 and Capital Daily, where she (remotely) dove into a newsroom and explored key local stories. When she’s not writing or taking pictures, you can find her hunting for unique snacks or getting competitive with board games.

Vilma Timonen

Vilma Aholuoto (University of Jyväskylä) is a Helsinki-based journalist interested in all things global. She has completed her BA in journalism studies and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree. Prior to her studies she lived in Australia and New Zealand for three years. Vilma has worked as a foreign news journalist in Helsingin Sanomat and is passionate about covering topics relating to climate change, women’s rights, global politics, diplomacy and the Australasia region.

Saana Uosukainen

Saana Uosukainen (University of Jyväskylä) is a master’s student in journalism studies. Uosukainen is a Helsinki-based journalist interested in issues in the Arctic areas and foreign policy involving Finland and the Russian Federation. She has worked as a journalist in different Finnish newsrooms for over ten years. Uosukainen also pursues her own creative goals as a documentary film-maker, and is a mom for a toddler.

Kiundu Waweru

Kiundu Waweru (Aga Khan University) is a journalist, features writer and media trainer. He always strives to humanize the science story, from health to environment and the climate crisis. He has written for the major newspapers in Kenya and beyond, and now he works at the media development organization, Internews Earth Journalism Network. He’s pursuing a Master of Arts in Digital Journalism as he believes the future of media is digital.

Ridge Zhang

Ridge Zhang (University of British Columbia) is a journalism student who has a background in computing and user experience design. He loves to write about corporate social responsibility, global affairs, technology, business and finance. He grew up as a performer. His favourite work is Chopin’s Piano Concerto No. 1. Music has taught him to be persistent in facing adversity.


Mashal Butt (University of British Columbia) is a multimedia journalist interested in intersectionality, gender, race and social justice. After completing a B.Sc. in Mass Communication in Pakistan, she moved to Vancouver to pursue a Master’s in journalism. Recently she interned at The Tyee where she reported on social justice. She was also a research assistant for BCCDC, analyzing stigmatising media language around harm reduction and substance use. When she’s not writing, she can be found stressing over her favourite football team.

Alejandrina Alvarez Debrot (University of British Columbia) is a Venezuelan-Canadian journalism student in the School of Journalism at the University of British Columbia. She also graduated with distinction from the University of Toronto with a Political Science degree. Alejandrina is interested in international politics, women’s rights, immigration, mental health, and social justice.

Emma Gillies (University of British Columbia) is an M.Sc. candidate in UBC’s Lab for Environmental Assessment and Policy, where she is researching Arctic mercury pollution. During her undergraduate degree at McGill University, Emma gained work experience in various environmental roles and journalism. She is passionate about engaging readers with science, environmental issues, global affairs, and the human experience.

Prerna Gupta (University of British Columbia) is a graduate student at UBC’s Institute for Resources, Environment, and Sustainability (IRES). Her research is an exploration of cultural and political dimensions of perception of risks from nuclear technology in India. Prerna is passionate about research, social movements, and. During her M.A., Prerna made two documentaries: “Kadak Bai”, the story of a daily wage female worker who struggles to feed her family during India’s demonetization and “Like Dust We Rise”, the struggles of contract sanitation workers at the Bombay Municipal Corporation.

Akshay Kulkarni (University of British Columbia) is a journalist from India who made his way to Vancouver via England. He’s passionate about social justice, media, and the global effects of colonialism. He loves to find the weirdest edges of our increasingly weird world, and his journalism is no different. He’s interned at Sky News and The News Minute, and was also a fellow at the Salzburg Global Media Academy in Austria.

Priya Bhat Manjeshwar (University of British Columbia) is a multimedia journalist, currently in her second year in the Master of Journalism program at UBC. She has interned at The Narwhal, The Tyee, The Times of India, and VIACOM. Her previous works cover a wide range of topics such as Indian elections, politics, education, civic rights and environmental issues. She has a B.A. in Journalism, Psychology and English Literature from Christ University, India. Priya is interested in photography and video and hopes to engage her audience through visual storytelling formats.

Yasasvi Mehta (University of British Columbia) was born and raised in Mumbai; Yasasvi is a Vancouver based journalist interested in current affairs, climate change, social justice and globalization. She completed her Bachelor’s in Mass Media from Mumbai University where she produced a documentary on River Linking in India. She then got her B.A. majoring in Journalism and International Studies from the University of Idaho. She is interested in broadcast news and hands-on multimedia journalism. In her spare time she likes to watch movies, read and craft.

Rhea Mogul (The University of Hong Kong) is a freelance journalist interested in gender issues and minority rights. Her work has appeared in a number of publications, including South China Morning Post, CNN, Hong Kong Free Press and Forbes Asia. She spent the bulk of 2019 on the frontline of Hong Kong protests covering the unrest. She is a recipient of the Diversity List, a list of ethnic minorities that are qualified to serve on Hong Kong government bodies.

Alexandra Phillips (University of British Columbia) is from Long Island, NY. She has always been drawn towards creating visual mediums that express the stories and voices of individuals who are often unseen. Now in her second year in the Journalism program at the UBC, she is excited to further her skillset towards helping share and create impactful stories.

Simone Rawal (University of British Columbia) was born and raised in Kathmandu, Nepal, Simone is passionate about environmental justice, food security, and the influences of global structures on human rights. After completing a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Geology from Beloit College, USA, she is currently enrolled in the Institute for Resources, Environment, and Sustainability. She plans to further study the intersection of sustainable cities, policies, and climate change, and be a voice for the marginalized underrepresented communities.

Taya Triffo (University of British Columbia) is a masters student in resources, environment and sustainability. She is interested in how people create, access, and transform resource systems—with a passion for climate justice and food sovereignty. Her interests have guided her academic research, as well as her work as an analyst with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture, as a coordinator for a campus garden, and as a research intern with a Guatemalan, subsistence-based agricultural community. 

George Tubei (Aga Khan University) is a Kenyan student pursuing Masters program in Digital Journalism  in the School of Graduate Studies at the Aga Khan University. He also graduated with second class upper from the University of Nairobi with a Journalism and media studies degree. George is interested in international diplomacy, climate change, media freedom, conservation and social justice. 

Doreen Wainainah (Aga Khan University) is a Nairobi-based journalist reporting business, tourism, technology and lifestyle beats for the Nation Media Group in Kenya. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree with a specialisation in Banking and Finance from the Africa Nazarene University. Doreen is currently enrolled for her Masters in Digital Journalism at the Aga Khan University Graduate School of Media and Communication, Nairobi, Kenya.


Wesaam Al-Badry (University of California – Berkeley) was born in Nasiriyah, Iraq. In late 1994, Al-Badry and his family were relocated to Lincoln, Nebraska after spending four-and-a-half years in a refugee camp. As a young man growing up in middle America, Al-Badry fiercely felt the disconnect between his experiences in Iraq and the refugee camps and his new home. Those first-hand experiences have sculpted his work, which focuses on photo reportage, documentary, and multimedia art.

Asim Muhammad Ameen (Centre for the Excellence in Journalism) is a multi-disciplinary visual artist, educator, and translator from Karachi. He has worked in primary and secondary education for about 10 years and has also exhibited his artwork in Karachi. He uses new media, sculptures, and installations to investigate the connections between language, religion, and politics. He has undergraduate degrees in Fine Art, History and Education and is currently enrolled in the graduate journalism program at Centre for the Excellence in Journalism – IBA, Karachi.

Drusilla Anyango (Daystar University) is pursuing her Master’s degree in Development Communication from Daystar University, Kenya. Her undergraduate degree was also in Communication, from the same university, with a focus on Public Relations. She has experience doing research, and she worked as a research assistant on a research project themed “Operation come to school” which was a partnership between Women Educational Researchers of Kenya and UNICEF and also at Concern Worldwide in a project on Digital Mapping of informal schools in Nairobi’s informal settlements. Additionally, she has partnered with Love in Deed, Kenya, a local organization working with vulnerable children and families where she has documented stories of the beneficiaries of the program.

Nkurikiyinka Julien Astrida (Daystar University) is a Rwandese Journalist with four years experience in reporting at the Rwanda Broadcasting Agency (RBA). At RBA, Julien got exposed to a multi-cultural work environment. He has also worked as a media reporter for a foundation called “Friends of Imbuto” where he took part in activities such as creating yearly awareness campaigns for girl child education. His other duties included making sure the campaign programs ran smoothly and liaising with other media editors and presenters to broadcast the campaigns. Julien is currently pursuing Masters in Corporate Communication at Daystar University, Nairobi, Kenya.

Rabia Bugti (Centre for the Excellence in Journalism) is a Karachi based, freelance multimedia journalist. She is the first woman from Dera Bugti in Balochistan to work in the media. She did her Masters in political science from Balochistan University and is currently enrolled at the Centre for Excellence in Journalism at IBA Karachi. Her work as a photojournalist has appeared in organisations like Dawn, The Diplomat, The National, BBC Urdu and Los Angeles Times. Recently she visited Afghanistan as a peace ambassador with Media Training and Research Center in collaboration with Medioteck Afghanistan.

Kassidie Cornell (University of British Columbia) is a multimedia journalist based in Vancouver. She completed a Bachelor of Science in Media and Journalism and Sport Marketing at the University of South Dakota, where she also served as Producer of its student television newscast, Coyote News. While in South Dakota, Kassidie was a member of the swim team, competing at the NCAA Division One level. Recently, Kassidie completed internships at Daily Hive and Global National. Her areas of interest include current affairs, social justice and sports.

Fabian Fröhlich (University of British Columbia) joined the Faculty of Education as a graduate student in 2018. Specializing in Media & Technology Education Studies Fabian’s research focuses on equitable and inclusive instructional design through educational technology. He is a SOTL-specialist (Scholarship of Teaching and Learning) at the Centre of Teaching and Learning Technology at UBC leading several research projects. Furthermore, Fabian works for the Learning Analytics Team of UBC IT, which is involved in creating educational tools for students and instructors. If he is not in the library looking for ancient educational sources you can find him in the hot tub of the aquatic centre. Before joining the UBC academic life Fabian worked in the movie and television industry covering everything from reality-TV to documentaries. Education is an experience, an experience of empowerment.

Hina Imam (University of British Columbia) is a multimedia journalist interested in social justice, race and representation, and sociopolitical issues. She was raised in the Middle East and completed a Bachelor of Science in Media Studies from Pakistan. Her work has appeared in CBC, The Tyee, The Georgia Straight and other publications. Hina gravitates towards human-interest narratives and seeks to tell stories that are overlooked and voices that are neglected. She believes there is much more that unites us than divides us.

Braela Kwan (University of British Columbia) is a Vancouver-based journalist interested in the interface between people and the environment. After completing a B.Sc. in Environmental Sciences at the University of British Columbia and working in communications and marketing, she shifted to journalism. She spent the summer of 2019 interning at The Tyee, where she reported on agriculture and climate justice. She hopes to pursue investigative journalism and photography to connect new audiences to global and local issues.

Candice Lipski (University of British Columbia) is a Vancouver-based journalist interested in arts, culture, community, and social issues. She completed her BA in Psychology at UBC Okanagan, and has been a research assistant on the Lesbian and Gay Liberation Canada database project for a number of years. She enjoys writing most, but is also working on developing mutlimedia skills. During the summer she interned at Vancouver Magazine and CBC Radio. When she’s not chasing a story, she’s listening to podcasts, cooking, or exploring the city.

Maria Jose Athie Martinez (University of British Columbia) is a PhD student in Curriculum Studies, in the Faculty of Education. She has Montessori Studies from Italy, BA in Education from Universidad Iberoamericana (UIA), Mexico. MA in Curriculum Studies from UBC. And previous PhD studies from Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM), Mexico City. Maria Jose has worked in critical analysis of educational systems within Research Centers in Mexico, such as IiSUE in UNAM, INIDE in UIA. In UBC she has participated in a variety of Indigenizing and Reconciliation research projects and participatory action research projects. She is an active member of a variety of Indigenous groups in Canada, Mexico and Latin America. Her expertise is on Indigenous Ways of Knowing, a professional career that for a Mexican female has implied turning into an Activist and defendant of Land, Human Rights, Displacements, disappears, killings. She is cofounder of “Txalupa Educationl Project” a non-profit in the Vasc country (Spain) which goal is to understand the uniqueness in each human being, as peoples’ tools to be more prepared to be part of society. For Mari Jose our personal, cultural and experiential differences are our assets.

Ben Mussett (University of British Columbia) is a Vancouver-based journalist interested in politics, climate change and globalization. Over the past year, he has covered everything from the opioid crisis to Vancouver’s resilient urban eagle population. No matter the topic, Ben seeks stories that showcase the quirky side of humanity. His words have appeared in CBC, Vice, the Vancouver Courier and other publications. Before joining the UBC School of Journalism, Ben completed a Bachelor of Arts in political science and international studies at Simon Fraser University.

Newsha Naderzad (University of California – Berkeley) is a multimedia journalist from California. Her passion is investigative journalism and is a freelance reporter covering topics such as affordable housing, homeless healthcare, natural disasters, and elections. She received her BFA in Photography from SJSU, and is currently pursuing a masters in Journalism from UC Berkeley.

Aria Nasimi (University of British Columbia) is a Vancouver-based journalist interested in international relations and global politics. He has a BA degree in Journalism from the University of Balkh in Afghanistan with multiple years of journalistic experience in Afghanistan. While completing his degree at the University of Balkh, Nasimi started working as a reporter with Arezo TV, a national tv network in Afghanistan and later continued working with the network as senior correspondent. Between 2012 to late 2014, Nasimi worked as the News Editor at Arezo TV. Now, Nasimi is completing his masters in journalism at UBC’s Graduate School of Journalism. Recently, he completed internships at The Tyee and The Georgia Straight.

Lydia Mukari Okang’a (Daystar University) is a masters student at Daystar University in Nairobi, Kenya. Born and raised in Western Kenya, she holds a degree in Communication with a concentration in Electronic Media from Daystar University. She worked as a  journalist at the Catholic diocese of Kakamega in Kenya and is a former intern at Radio Waumini, where she worked as a news reporter. She is skilled  in audio-visual production and news-writing. She is interested in socio-economic issues and is passionate about young people and their well-being.

Alison St. Pierre (University of British Columbia) joined UBC’s Educational Studies department as a graduate student in 2018. Her research is focused on how young learners conceptualize of and contribute to understandings of reconciliation with Indigenous communities in Canada. A perpetual interdisciplinary student, Alison is interested in the spaces where people, places and ways of knowing and being meet. She has an undergraduate degree from the Arts & Science program at McMaster University.

Logan Turner (University of British Columbia) was born and raised in the city of Thunder Bay, Ont., and is going into his second year in the Masters of Journalism program at UBC. He is fascinated by stories about environment, health, politics and education and has been actively pursuing these interests as a reporter with CBC Radio Thunder Bay. Logan has an Honours Bachelor degree in Political Sciences from the University of Ottawa and a Masters of Global Health from McMaster University.

Rida E Zehra Zaidi (Centre for Excellence in Journalism) completed a Bachelor of Science in Social Sciences and Liberal Arts from IBA in 2018 and is currently enrolled in the graduate journalism program at the Centre for Excellence in Journalism. Born and raised in Karachi, she is interested in using journalism as a tool to give a voice to the marginalized and underrepresented communities. Rida hopes that her stories can impact public policy and bring social change. 

Jennifer Cortez (University of California – Berkeley)


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2007 (Pilot year)

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