‘Disaster Land Grabs’ Worldwide and in British Columbia is a project by The Tyee and the Global Reporting Program at the University of British Columbia School of Journalism, Writing, and Media. The project developed out of a year-long research and reporting project looking at global trends in land conflicts.

The project was made possible with generous funding and support from the Jonathan Logan Family Foundation, Giustra Foundation, Mindset Foundation and Angus Reid Institute. Additional funding and support provided by the University of British Columbia.


The University of British Columbia

Mashal Butt
Alejandrina Alvarez Debrot
Emma Gillies
Prerna Gupta
Akshay Kulkarni
Priya Bhat Manjeshwar
Yasasvi Mehta
Alexandra Phillips
Simone Rawal
Taya Triffo

Hong Kong University

Rhea Mogul

Aga Khan University

George Tubei
Doreen Wainainah

Field Reporting

Bong Sarmiento – The Philippines
Harry Browne – New Narratives Liberia
Varney Kamara – New Narratives Liberia

Data Visualization Support

Ridge Zhang

Faculty and Staff

Evan Bower
Britney Dennison
Kathryn Gretsinger
Dana James
Peter Klein

For The Tyee

Amanda Follett Hosgood
David Beers

For the Global Reporting Centre

Mashal Butt
Andrea Crossan
Britney Dennison
Emma Gillies
David McKie
Rhea Mogul
Andrew Munroe
Katarina Sabados
Calyn Shaw


Mashal Butt
Sonal Gupta
Sharon Nadeem
Rithika Shenoy